SAT 15 - 8 - 2020
Date: Jul 4, 2020
Source: The Daily Star
Diab discusses fuel import with Iraqi delegation
BEIRUT: Prime Minister Hassan Diab Friday discussed the import of Iraqi fuel to the Lebanese market, during a meeting with an Iraqi delegation on economic cooperation between the two countries.

Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul Jabbar Ismail said they had “deliberated on exporting some surplus petroleum products – especially black oil – to the energy market in Lebanon, the export mechanism, and how to organize long-term relations.”

“We discussed the possibility of concluding an agreement between the ... governments to export this product in order to achieve a higher surplus for both governments,” he said.

Ismail explained that this would allow the Lebanese government to obtain good prices “without intermediaries’ intervention, and enable the Iraqi government to secure a permanent market for the consumption of its products.”

The Iraqi delegation included Ismail and Agriculture Minister Mohammed Karim Jassem. The meeting also took place in the presence of Lebanese Industry Minister Imad Hoballah, Agriculture Minister Abbas Mortada and Energy Minister Raymond Ghajar.

Ghajar said Lebanon still imports “heavy fuel and diesel for EDL from Sonatrach and Kuwait.”

“Contracts will expire at the end of the year and we are preparing the tender documents to enable foreign companies to apply for this offer,” Ghajar said.

Ismail stressed that Lebanon was an important country for Iraq.

“Many Iraqis go to Lebanon to study and seek medical services, which strengthens the relationship in the interest of all parties,” Ismail said.

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