SAT 14 - 12 - 2019
Date: Aug 26, 2019
Source: The Daily Star
Iraq Shiite groups say two fighters killed by strikes near Syria border
BAGHDAD: Iraqi Shiite paramilitary groups said Sunday two of their fighters were killed in strikes by unmanned aircraft close to the Syrian border in Anbar province.

The strikes took place 15 km away from the border, a statement from the Anbar paramilitary operations command said, adding that it was not clear who carried out the strikes.

A security source told Reuters there were two air strikes.

One struck the headquarters of a local paramilitary brigade, while the other struck a convoy of cars leaving the building.

The attack happened after a series of explosions in recent weeks at weapons depots belonging to Iran-backed militias in Iraq. The militias have blamed Israel and the United States for some of the attacks. Israel has hinted its involvement. The Pentagon has denied any involvement.

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