MON 24 - 9 - 2018
Date: Mar 8, 2018
Source: The Daily Star
Bassil announces LL1,000 expat passport bonanza
BEIRUT: Lebanese expatriates who have registered to vote in the upcoming elections can apply for a new Lebanese passport at the heavily discounted price of LL1,000 ($0.66), Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil said Wednesday.

"Lebanese registered to vote abroad can obtain a new passport for only LL1,000, very quickly and without the cost of [shipping], in order to be able to use it [as ID] in the upcoming parliamentary elections," Bassil tweeted.

No further details were provided. A standard 1 year passport normally costs LL 60,000 ($39.60) and a five year passport costs 300,000 ($198), according to the General Security website.

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