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Date: Nov 30, 2010
Egypt: Third Report on Election Day released by The Independent Coalition for Election Observation

“Elections have taste of blood and smell of gun powder … Citizens are sacrificed for the NDP to remain in power”

“Elections have taste of blood and smell of gun powder … Citizens are sacrificed for the NDP to remain in power”

“The NDP’s strategy: Start by expelling delegates and monitors in the beginning of the day, then terrorize citizens with security and thugs, last forge ballot cards”


Before sunrise on Election Day, the first victim, Amr Alsayed Mohamed Abu Amr, son of Independent Candidate Mohamed Abu Amr for the Matariya and Ein Shams Constituency, fell dead. As voting commenced, there was a second death, Nagy Moussa Omran, in Monoufiya Governorate as a result of clashes in one of the polling stations. In Sidi Beshr, Montaza Constituency Nafissa Abdel Hamed (79 years) died as a result of a diabetic coma inside a polling station. In Qena, a 38 year-old man was injured and forced to undergo an emergency operation after being stabbed during a fight between supporters of rival candidates in Deshna Constituency. In Daqahliya Governorate, Aly Beshir, was injured as a result of gun shots.




Cairo Governorate:


Matariya and Ein Shams Constituency


-At the Alrashad School polling station, Mahmoud Altaweel, representative of independent candidate Salah Kamel Abu Eida, slapped the polling station head for forging ballot cards for NDP candidate Nageh Galal.


-Ballot cards were also forged for the NDP candidate at the Shagaret Mariam School. In addition, voting took place with phosphoric ink and without any identification verification.


-At the Matrawy Primary School, ballot cards were forged for NDP Labour candidate Mimi Alomda. At the Metwaly Alsha’rawy School, independent candidate Salah Kamel Abu Eida bribed voters with 500 LE.


-In the women’s polling station, Alzahraa school, a group of thugs attacked women and harassed them by pulling away their veils and scarves.

-Independent professional candidates filed reports to the General Committee to annul ballot boxes 325 and 340 in Mahmoud Khater School and ballot boxes 115, 11, and 109 in Nageh Galal School.


Nasr City Constituency


-Voters were bused in by the Petrojet company and other petrol companies to vote for NDP candidate (professional) and Oil Minister, Sameh Fahmy. Meanwhile, Petrojet employees were driven in the company’s private cars to vote.


-The Muslim Brotherhood candidate (professional) Manal Abul Hassan filed an appeal ( appeal # 8204 for the Judicial year 65) for the Administrative court to cancel elections after witnessing NDP candidates’ proxies committing forgery in front of the Girls Faculty Polling Station on Asma Fahmy Street in Masr Al Gadida. These representatives would hand voters marked ballot cards outside of the polling station, the voters would then use these cards to vote and hand back empty ballot cards to the representatives.


Abdeen Constituency


-At the Fathiya Baheeg School, NDP candidate Talaat Alkawas brought 35 thugs to the polling stations who entered without any identification verification and with the assistance of police officers to vote despite the opposition of other candidates’ representatives.


-Supporters of Muslim Brotherhood candidate (professional) Gamal Hanafy paid voters 20 and 30 LE to vote for their candidate.


-At the Elwehda Alarabiya School, collective voting took place by nurses of Ahmed Maher Hospital for independent candidate Ragab Helal Hemeida and NDP candidate Talaat Alkawas.


-In the Girls Nobar Prep School, supporters of Ragab Helal Hemeida attacked a female journalist. Security then forced her to leave the polling station for taking pictures of them blocking voters from entering the station.


Hada’iq al Qubba Constituency


-At the Nakrashy Secondary school and Mahmoud Sami Amer school (women’s polling station), security officials closed polling stations and banned voters from entering unless they presented both pink ballot cards and ID cards (rules stipulated that voters only need to present ID cards.) By noon, turn out was only two percent.


-Four ballot boxes full of forged ballot cards were discovered on the roof of Nakrashy Secondary School to replace the actual boxes.


-Independent candidate (professional) Hesham Taha, a former police officer, and independent candidate (Labour) Mahmoud Nabeel Elnemr were paying voters between 50 – 300 LE to support them.


Sahel Constituency


-Collective voting took place for Wafd (professional) candidate Taher Abu Zeid. There was also campaigning on public bus number 341 GND. In addition, employees of the Cairo Medicine Company, to vote for Taher Abu Zeid


Sayeda Zeinab Constituency


-NDP candidate (professional) Fathy Sorour organized a march for his campaign where he played music loudly on speakers to attract attention.


Kasr El Nil Constituency


-At the Alshaheed Abdel Hafez School, supporters of NDP candidate (professional) Hesham Mustafa Khalil were paying voters 300 LE.


-At polling station 81 in Alalfy, Alkhaleefa, and Almokatam schools, there was no phosphoric ink.


-At the Talaat Harb school polling station collective voting by staff of Misr Insurance Company for NDP Labour candidate Abdel Aziz Mustafa.


-Voters at Khedewy Ismail Secondary School were unsure whether they were in Kasr El Nil constituency or Sayedda Zeinab constituency.


-NDP candidate (labor) Abdel Aziz Mustafa hung posters on the headquarters of the Tagammu Party to intimidate Tagammu candidate Ashraf Hussein.


-At the Social Services Polling Station in Garden City, the head of the station was caught forging 50 ballot cards for the NDP candidate.


-The papers authorizing Bothaina Kamel to act as a proxy for independent candidate Gameela Ismail was stolen and a report was filed.


-Candidate Gameela Ismail reported that Chemistry Authority polling station 11 was closed, but the head of the High Elections Commission refused to write a report of the closure.


Giza Governorate


Bolak El Dakroor Constituency


Ballot cards were not stamped at Safiya Zaghloul School polling station.




-At Mohamed Naguib Primary School, voters were banned from entering polling stations by thugs outside of the station. Security beat the Al Masry Al Youm photographer, Raafat Saoudi, and broke his camera.


-Taxis were collectively transferring people for voting. The taxis had registration numbers 104435 – 106259. A taxi with registration number 107166 was shuttling voters to the Alomal school to vote for NDP candidate.


-At the Alorouba school, supporters of candidate Ismail Helal were paying voters 100 LE to vote in his favor.


-Supporters of NDP candidate (professional) Abdel Moneim Omara and NDP candidate (labor) Walied Elmeleigy were campaigning inside polling stations.


-In polling stations at Alqaher primary school, Omal City primary school, and Khaled Ibn Alwaleed School, voters were prevented from entering and ballot cards were forged for Al Adala Party candidate (professional) Mohamed Abdel Al and NDP candidate (labor) Walid El Meleguiy


Dokki Constituency


-Voters supporting the Muslim Brotherhood candidate were prevented from entering women’s polling station.


-A court order to change the description of Wafd candidate Safir Nour from a farmer to a professional was not implemented. His name was stamped on ballot cards as a farmer.


-Voters were prevented from entering polling stations at Gamal Abdel Nasser school (women’s station).


-Muslim Brotherhood women quota candidate Amal Abdel Karim and her supporters were attacked and expelled from the polling station.


-NDP candidates used female thugs to attack women in Hoda Sha’rawy polling station and representatives of Muslim Brotherhood candidate Essam Alshahed were expelled from the station.


-In Aziz Almasry and Ramsis school in Nazlet Elseman, the polling stations were closed at 4 PM and ballot cards were forged for NDP candidates.


Monoufiya Governorate


Batanoon Constituency


-At the Almay polling station, clashes between supporters of NDP candidate Hesham Al Hag Ali and Muslim Brotherhood Labour candidate Saad Hussein took place. Thugs were present around Alshaheed Algondy, in the Elezba Elgharbeiya In Shebin El Koom, to prevent voters from voting.


Sohag Governorate


Saktela Constituency


-Polling stations 34 and 36 in the Homiyat Hospital polling centre saw campaigning for NDP candidates inside the stations and the phosphoric ink was not used.


Al Arish


-At the A’esh Alasmar and Sadat Primary Schools, voters were prevented from entering polling station 3. Ahmed Orabi, Ayesh Alasmar, Al Geel Al Gadeed, and Sadat Primary schools were closed and voters and candidate representatives were banned from entering to allow for forging of ballot cards.


-Polling station 24 in Al Arish First Station was closed at 5 PM and the documents were put in sealed envelopes, a report of closure was made, and the head of the station ended the voting.



Menya Governorate


Matay Constituency


-The secretary general of Wafd Party, Hassan Abdel Gawad, filed two appeals to the General Committee because his representatives were expelled from polling stations while NDP candidates’ representatives were allowed to remain.


-In Badar AlMenya, at the AlBergaya Village Polling Station, the mayor campaigned for NDP candidate (professional) Mahmoud Khalafallah and NDP Labour candidate Ahmed Alsanoosy. The head of the polling station stopped him and expelled him from the station.


Bandar Al Menya Constituency


-In Albergaya Village at polling stations 137 to 146 there were campaign flyers and large posters for NDP Professionals candidate Mahmoud Khalafallah at the door of the stations. Children were shouting religious slogans for Alhelal Habiballah against the Independent Professionals Coptic candidate Alfolly Almegidy.


-In polling stations 138 and 140, in Albergaya Village, the number of ballot cards submitted to the security directorates was less than the number of residents. As a result, the head of the polling station had to give voters only quota ballot cards and ban the use of the ballot cards of candidates of general constituencies.


-In polling stations 183, 179, and 177 in Nazlet Ebeid, voters were noticeably delayed because this village has high voting for Coptic candidates.


-In polling stations 186 to 189 in Abu Qurqas, voting was rejected for those with expired cards against the only Coptic NDP candidate.


-In the Qassem Amin 110 polling station in Abu Qurqas, voters voted more than once for NDP candidate Major General Farouk Taha. In polling stations in Nazlet Asmant and Nazlet Ebeid villages of Abu Qurqas, voting was done publicly and by force for Major General Taha.


Sharqiya Governorate


Fakous Constituency


-In the polling stations of Menya Almakram and Dawama, there was forging of ballot cards for NDP candidates.


-In the Alkhatara polling station, there was forging of ballot cards for independent candidates Mohamed Daredeery and Sami Al Hayawan, and in the polling station for Kafr Alhag Omar, there was forging of ballot cards for the NDP candidate.


Fayoum Governorate


Basnouras Constituency


-At polling station 7 (Alshaheed Salah Eddin Hussein school), the brother of NDP candidate (professional) Saeed Dawy, accompanied by a group of thugs, forced their way into the polling place and attacked Muslim Brotherhood Professional candidate Magdy Mohamed and Muslim Brotherhood Labour candidate Hamdy Alnaggar. Thugs supporting NDP Professionals Candidate Refaat Saeed Dawy also attacked supporters of Muslim Brotherhood Professionals candidate Mohamed Magdy at the girls Al Thawra Prep School.


Daqahliya Governorate


Mansoura Constituency


-The head of polling station 47 (Al Zahraa Primary School), Rabea Abdel Wahab Ismail, was arrested by security forces for allowing a Muslim Brotherhood representative to enter the polling place. Police transferred the polling station supervisor and the Muslim Brotherhood representative was expelled from the station, even though he had registered as an official representative.


Meet Ghamr Constituency


-In villages of Meet Elezz, Aldabweniya and Kafr Alnaeem, security officers entered polling stations with envelopes of forged ballor cards for NDP candidates.


-Representatives of Tagamuu Party candidate (professional) Adel William was expelled from polling stations 156 and 157 (Nasser Amin School).


-Ballot cards were forged for NDP candidate (professional) Abdu Abu Aisha and NDP Labour candidate Abdel Fatah Al Bahrawi in polling stations 80, 81, and 83 in Meet Elezz Village, polling stations 24, 25, and 27 in Aldabweniya Village, polling stations 17 and 18 in Kafr Abul Eneen, and polling station 20 in Kafr Al Mohammadiya.


-At Alshaheed Nasr school, Muslim Brotherhood representatives were expelled and ballot cards were forged for NDP candidates Abdu Abu Aisha (Professionals) and Abdel Fattah Albahrawy.


-In Dakadous Village at the Ali Ibn Abi Taleb School the Independent Labour candidate Tarek Alghafeer took a number of ballot cards from three ballot boxes to nullify the voting.


Atmeeda Constituency


-Three polling stations in Sentamy and Beshlalosh villages for Independent candidate (professional) Mortada Mansour.


-At Tefhana Prep school, polling was closed at 3 PM and ballot cards were forged for NDP candidate Abdel Rahman Baraka who gave hot meals to polling station staff.


Gharbeiya Governorate:


Al Mahala Constituency


-At the Sayeda Zeinab girls secondary school, supporters of the Independent candidate (professional) Mohamed Morgan broke one of the ballot boxes to stop voting in this station.


-At Sodfa primary school, polling station 124 was closed and at Nasser primary schools, polling stations were closed.


Samanood Constituency


-Security service thugs fired live rounds outside the Azhar Institute to terrorize voters.


-Ballot cards were forged at AlShaheed Mahmoud Kheir school, Samanood boys primary school, Sadat girls secondary school, and Gamal Eddin Al Afghany school for NDP candidates.


-In Alkamala Village, ballot cards in the polling stations were forged for Wafd Party Labour candidate Mustafa Hamoud.


-In Shubra Bely Village, Independent candidate (labor) Abdel Hamid Basha rigged ballot boxes in his favor.


Sixth Constituency


-Security forces attacked women wearing niqabs in Meet Habib Samanood Village.


Qalyoubiya Governorate


Kafr Shukra Constituency

-A security cordon was imposed in front of polling stations in Abu Bakr Alsedeeq primary school in Banha Centre.


-All candidates’ representatives were expelled from polling stations in Shablingiya and Meet Alseba’a


Shubra El Kheima Constituency


-In Tanan Village, Independent Professionals candidate Abdel Hakim Shaddad fired a gun to terrorize voters. His supporters forged ballot cards. A New York Times crew was banned by security from entering the polling stations.


-At the 6 October primary school in Shubra El Kheima First, a NDP Professionals candidate paid for cars and motorcycles to transfer people for collective voting. Bishop Murkus Matran, along with 10 pastors, passed through all polling stations to encourage Christians to vote. NDP candidates hired criminals and thugs in all polling stations.


-At the 6 October School in Shubra El Kheima First, ballot cards were forged for NDP Labour candidate Atef Massoud and NDP Professionals candidate Megahed Nassar against other NDP candidates. Nasserist Professionals candidate, Tawhid Al Banhawy, was detained by state security officers and was not allowed to leave the school until 5 PM.


Alexandria governorate

Al Gomrok Constituency

-In Al Anfoshy Girls School women’s polling stations, women were mobilized to vote for NDP Labour candidate Almalky, and Independent Professionals Ashraf Abu Ashraf.

-In Karmooz at the Secondary Sadat School, the polls were closed to voters except for those voting for NDP candidates. Security forces also compelled voters to vote for NDP.

-In Al Salam Secondary school, members of the Local Council forged ballot cards for NDP candidates.

-Cars with microphones roamed around the different constituencies, especially around polling stations and in condensed areas. Cars with posters calling for citizens to vote for NDP candidate Dr. Mofeed Shehab roamed the streets playing a famous song that was written especially for President Mubarak in 2005 elections.

Luxor Governorate:

Luxor Constituency

-In Al Deneiqa in Atfon, supporters of Independent Labour candidate Mohamed Diaa Eddin Al Betety, in coalition with supporters of NDP Professionals candidate Wael Zakariya Al Amir, fired gun shots to disperse voters and prevent them from voting against NDP Professionals candidate Abass Hazeen.

-In Al Deir girls Prep school at a women’s polling station, women were prevented from entering the polling station throughout the day. By 5 PM, some polling stations were already closed and NDP supporters finished forging all ballot boxes in Esna and Armant constituencies, especially at the Family Health Centre polling station in Marees Village.


Damietta Governorate

Damietta Constituency


-In Al Galaa Prep School at polling station 17, there was public forging of ballot cards for Aly Mabrouk, Indpendent Labour candidate, because he paid money to those willing to forge the cards.

Asuit Governorate


Seventh Sahel Selim Constituency:

-At polling station 176 in the Prep School in Tawya, there were violent clashes for half an hour between two NDP Labour candidates, Maher Ahmed Maher and Gamal Abdel Nasser, as they were competing for presence at the polling station. The clashes led to injuries amongst their supporters and a tightened security cordon was imposed on Al Fima Village. Voters were prevented from voting in polling stations 19 to 26 in Gad Al Wahed Secondary School.


-In polling station 156, work ended at 3:45 PM and ballot cards were badly printed with electoral symbols that were not clear.


Suez Governorate


Second Constituency


-NDP Professionals candidate Galal Mazen brought two microbuses with a large number of thugs carrying knives and sticks. They gathered in front of the security directorate and clashed with protesters. When they found that they were outnumbered and the protesters were willing to defend themselves, the thugs waited outside the protest to harass and attack people as they left. They also attacked foreign press and satellite TV channels. Correspondents of Aljazeera channel filed a report regarding the incident



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