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Date: Nov 29, 2010
Egypt: the second report on the elections day released by the Independent coalition

The Independent coalition releases the second report on the elections day, (10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.)


Cairo governorate

Abdeen Constituency

1. In the Moa'malat Tigaria Secondary School, the security expelled the supporters of the candidate Mr. Hussein Ashraf, the Tagamou Party candidate, off the polling station. Supporters of Ms. Madiha Khattab (NDP- professional –women quota Northern Cairo) were allowed to distribute food to voters.

2. Supporters of the candidate Mr. Ragab Helal Hamida (Ghad Party- laborer) were involved in buying the votes for 20 pounds and a meal.

3. In Abdeen secondary school for girls , the supporters of Gamal Hanafy ( MB –proffessional) used a person with mental illness and they gave him 5 pounds and a meal to vote

4. Children from 9 to 15 years old were used to publicizing for Sayed Saleh Abdel Moneim ( professional-independent) , Mohsen Fawzy (labour- NDP) and Hussain Ashraf ( Tagamou- professional)

Kaser el Nile constituency

1. In the poll no 11 the chemistry agency for women, the heads of the committee issued orders to write the names of the voters in the elections papers and this lead to the nullification of the papers and it contradicts with the principle of the privacy of the voting . The poll was closed at 12:15 and the head of the committee decided not to write a closing report, so the independent candidate filed a complaint because of this.

Bab el She'ria constituency

1. In el Nasser primary school there was big number of the supporters of the candidate Sai'd AbdelKhalq ( professional ) and Atef Hamam (labour) inside the polls and they were directing the voters to vote in favour of the NDP , and the voting take place without having curtains and under intensive security presence .

2. The candidate Sa'ied AbdelKhalq and a group of thugs controlled the polls in Khalil Agha secondary school

3. a fight took place between the supporters of the candidate Samira Ahmed ( el Wafd) and the supporters of the NDP candidates because she was buying the vote for 100 pounds

4. a police vehicle with plates number 13452 was carrying the banners of the NDP and it was going around the constituency

Heliopolis and Madinet Nasr

1. Detention of Mr. Youssef Awad, the representative of the candidate Nagwa Abbas (professional- Tagamou), inside Mohamed Refaat School and dismissing the representatives of the candidates from the school's polling stations.

2. The buses of Petrojet Company, Petroleum companies and Ideal Company were transferring the voters to the polling stations. The buses had photos of the candidate of the NDP the minister Sameh Fahmy placed on.

3. In Misr el Gedida Secondary School around the voting area, there was huge campaigning materials for the candidate Mr. Sameh Fahmy NDP, saying he is the good omen and the fighter against unemployment. There was a truck with microphones advertising for him with license plates AB 5172

Hadayeq constituency

1. Presence of thugs in front of el Aidia School and el Rehany School. They prevented the candidates and the voters from entering.

2. The candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mr. Amr Zaky, went to Abd el Aziz Ashmawey School to vote, and his name was not found in the lists.

3. In el Dar el Bidaa School the engineer Ms. Doaa Youssef, the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate was attacked by female thugs.



El Sahel constituency

1. The candidate Abdel Kader Ahmed Taha (professional – independent) gathered the voters for collective voting in Osman ibn Afan by the microbus with license plates number 479 BHK

Matrya and Ein Shames

1. The supporters of the candidate Atef Asmouny (wafd- labour) found the employees supervising the fifth polling station in Mohamdia school marking the election papers in favor of the candidates of NDP Mimi el Omda (labor) and Nageh Galal (professional) and a fight erupted as a result.

2. Gathering voters was observed in buses of the Egyptian Company of Projects to Aqad School and Shagret Mariam in favor of the candidate Mimi el Omda ( NDP- labor)

3. In Mohamed Motwaly el She'rawy School, there was collective voting in polling station number 141 and 140 for women, in favor of the candidate Khaled Zoqla (laborer- independent) and they are the member of Saida Aisha Association and Al Balad Al Tayeb association.

4. There was forgery in electoral cards in favor of Mr. Atef el Ashmony (Wafd- professional) in Abatal el Obor school, polling station number 216 and in polling station number 5 Aqqad school

5. In the polling station number 268 in Mesla School, there was forgery in electoral cards in favor of Mr. Kamel Abu Abda (professional- independent)

6. In the polling station number 268, in Om Kolthum School, the representatives of Al Wafd candidate and Muslim Brotherhood candidate were dismissed and the representatives of NDP candidates were allowed to stay.

7. In the poll station number 325 in Mahmoud Khater School, there was forgery in electoral cards in favor of Nageh Galal (NDP- professional)

8. The candidate Ahmed Ramy was attacked (Muslim Brotherhood- professional) after the dismissal of his representatives from polling stations and marking the cards in the polls.

Dar el Salam and Basateen constituency

1. The representatives of the candidate Mohamed Zaki (laborer-Tagamou) and the candidate Walid Mohamed Mahmoud (professional-independent) were prevented from entering the polling stations in Ahmed Orabi School and the voters were prevented from entering the school for half an hour.

2. In Gamal Abdel Nasser School, it was observed that there were collective gathering in a public bus GAR 497, belonging to southern Giza Garage el Moneeb, and inside the bus almost 60 voters voting for the NDP candidates. The banners of Heshmat Abu Hagar and Akarm Qaratem, the NDP candidates, were placed on the bus

3. A microbus with license plates number Giza 107394 was transferring voters to vote for the NDP candidates; this incident took place frequently.

4. The observers testified that some voters voted with the national ID only and they do not have electoral ID and they vote for the NDP and after voting they were gathered inside El Meamria technical school waiting for money, the vote was for 50 pounds. They agreed on this with one of the brokers of the elections.

5. In Gamal Aabdel Nasser School, some people affiliated to the candidate Heshmat abo Hagar (NDP-laborer) were offered money to the voters in order vote in his favor.

6. Mr. Karim Reda and Shady Ahmed, observers of the Coalition, and a journalist in AL Sherook newspaper, were prevented from entering into polling stations located in the Schools group in Dar El Salam.

7. Security forces banned polling stations located in schools at El Fayoum street and in front of Technical Architectural School, Dar El Salam preparatory School and Ahmed Orabi Primary School.

8. Thugs and criminals were seen in polling stations at Ahmed Orabi School, in addition to security forces in front of and inside the schools, especially that a group of voters were voting in favor of the Brotherhood candidates.

9. Supporters of Mr. Akmal Kertam, NDP candidate, professional, were distributing breakfast to police personnel and security forces present in the polling stations located in the Architectural School, Dar El Salam Preparatory School and Ahmed Orabi Primary School.

10. Cars with microphones advertising for Heshmat Abou Haggar, NDP candidate, labor, were seen all over the constituency and the polling centers.

Giza Governorate:

Haram constituency:

1- Ahmed Samih Darwish, NDP candidate (professional) and Abdel Nasser Al Gabri (laborer), used six women to attack female voters in Youssef Gad Allah School.

2- The same school was later closed and voting was stopped because, allegedly, all voters have voted, which caused a fight between voters and police forces.

3- Field observers reported that voters were transported by public buses for collective voting, by buses no. 176 BND, 137 STD, 146 MMD, 216 KND, 275 DNS and 542 RAH.

Imbaba Constituency:

1- A large number of voters was gathered in a Toyota microbus no. 2157 to vote for Abdel Monein Emara, (NDP candidate, professional) in the polling station loacated at Refaa el Tahtawi School, at Schools street.

2- Our monitors also reported taxis with license plates issued from Giza no. 106259 and 104435 transporting voters for collective voting.

3- The polling station in Al Mounira Primary School has been closed due to fights between supporters of Mr. Abdel Moneim Emara, NDP candidate, professional and supporters of Mr. Mohamed Morgan, NDP candidate, professional. In Al Waraq Secondary School voters reported to our field observers that their names were included in the lists in the triple form, which prevented them from voting, since the directors of the polling stations refused to allow them to vote without their full (four) names.

4- Thugs took control over the polling station located in Mubarak Secondary School. Thugs with affiliation to the NDP had fights with voters in Al Nil Primary School and prevented them from accessing the polling station which was later closed.

El Beheira Governorate

Kafr El Dawar Constituency:

1- Electoral cards have been forged in El neshoor El bahari polling center to favour Gamal Abou El Saeed, NDP candidate.

2- Citizens of El Fakoura, Kom El Dekka, El Nashr El Bahari and El Ma'mal villages attacked the polling centers and destroyed ballot boxes in the polling centers. Electoral cards were forged for the benefit of Mr. Gamal Abdel Atty, NDP, candidate (professional), and Mohamed Saad Temraz, NDP candidate (labor).

3- Ismail El Askari's car (independent candidate, labor) has been destroyed by supporters of Gamal Abdel Atty and Mohamed Saad Temraz because El Askari objected to forging electoral cards in ElTamamy and Kom El Berka polling stations.

4- Security forces arrested Mr. Mohamed Hedaya, Ahmed Deraz and Mohamed Abdel Aziz Mansour, representatives of Zakareya El Ganayni, Muslim Brotherhood candidate fot Kafr El Dawar (professional) and Manal Ismail, Muslim Brotherhood candidate, (professional, quota seat) in front of Kom El Berka School.

5- Electoral cards have been forged in polling stations at El Zahra village in the benefit of Mr. Gamal Abdel Atty, NDP candidate (professional) and Mohamed Saad Temraz, NDP candidate (labor).

6- Rady Abou Madawy, NDP candidate for Kafr El Dawar (professional), has been taken to the State Security premises because he objected to the closing of polling stations in Kom El Berka and Al Kazzaz villages.

7- Mohamed Selim, independent candidate (professional), Mahmoud Rashed Amin, independent candidate (labor) and Eid Balbaa, NDP candidate (professional), filed complaints for forging electoral cards in the polling stations of Kom El Berka, Ma'mal El Gezaz and El Fakhoura villages. Prosecutors moved to these villages and drafted minutes recording the facts.

8- All representatives of Ms. Aisha Abou Samada (El Tagamo candidate, quota seat, labor) whether holding general or special proxies, have been prevented from entering into polling centers in the governorate.

Bandar Damanhour Constituency

1- 240 non-stamped electoral cards were found in the polling station no. 29 in the first district at Bandar Damanhour constituency. 750 non-stamped electoral cards were found in polling stations no. 30 and 31 in the same constituency.

2- Representatives of the quota seat candidates were expelled off all polling stations in Wadi Al Natroon constituency, except the NDP candidates' representatives.

North Sinai Governorate:

El Arish:

1- In the polling station located at the Secondary Military School, supporters of Hossam Shaheem El Mansi, NDP candidate (labor) attacked supporters of Ismail Ramzy, independent candidate (labor), using gunshots. Hassan Nashaat El Kassas, NDP candidate (professional) was attacked by supporters of Mohamed Adbdullah Mesbah, NDP candidate (labor) in Ahmed Orabi School.


1- Independent and opposition candidates for the first and second constituencies and for the quota seats submitted a memorial to the chairman of the local committee requesting him to halt elections because their representatives and voters were prevented from voting. The chairman of the committee refused to meet them and did not take delivery of the memorial. Candidates and their supporters stayed in front of the Security Directorate, they made noon prayers with El Sayed Raafat El Abed, Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the first constituency, professional.

The memorial was submited by:

- Seoud Omar, independent, labor, first constituency.

- Abdel Hamid Kamal, El Tagamo, labor, first constituency.

- Yassin Sayed Yassin, El Wafd, labor, second constituency.

- Mostafa Abou Ghaban, independent, professional, second constituency.

- El Kadry Raslan, independent, professional, second constituency.

- El Sayed Raafat El Abed, MB, professional, first constituency.

- Randa gharib, independent, labor, quota seat.

- Hanan Mohamed Ali, independent, labor, quota seat.

- Zakeya Teima, independent, labor, quota seat.

- Suzan Saad Zaghloul, MB, professional, quota seat.

Helwan Governorate:

1- Representatives of Mostafa Bakry, independent candidate, (professional), were prevented from accessing polling stations located at El Kholafaa El Rashedeen School, although they were holding valid proxies.

2- Ms. Mona Ibrahim Ahmed Mohamed, a voter, registered at polling station no. 202, located at Al Nahda School, complained to representatives of the Coalition, that she found a tick mark next to her name on the voters' list when she went to vote. This sign meant that she had already voted, although she has not yet done. This proves that electoral cards and voters lists have been forged in some women polling stations.

3- Supporters of Mr. Sayed Meshaal, NDP candidate (professional), entered Abdel Moneim Wassel School in Kafr Al Elw, advertising for him inside the school without interference from the polling station supervisors or security personnel.

4- Gathering of workers in military plants 360, 63, 54 and 45 has been reported. Workers were transferred by two tourism buses with license plates no. 972-NSK, 479-SNG).


Raml constituency:

The candidate Mr. Sobhy Salem, Muslim Brotherhood (professional), was assaulted by thugs in Ibbis area and was transported to Ibbis Public Hospital.

In Ibbis second constituency, a number of thugs, backed by security and police vehicles, prevented voters from accessing polling stations.

A microbus with license plate 7925, in which the passengers were women, was seen repeatedly visiting women polling stations in Raml constituency.

A manifesto, allegedly belonging to Mr. Sobhy Saleh (Muslim Brotherhood- Professionals), was distributed announcing his withdrawal. Mr. Saleh denied this rumor, in person, publicly.

Gomrok and Mansheya Constituency

A police officer expelled candidates' representatives from polling stations despite the fact that they were registered by the committee's head. This incident occurred in the following polling stations: 83, 84 and 85 in Trandeel School.

Karmouz Constituency:

Candidates' representatives were expelled in the following polling stations: 107, 111 and 112.

Amreya Constituency:

A security cordon was imposed in front of Al-Hassan Ibn Al-Haytham School in Amreya constituency; voters were prevented from accessing polling stations.

Mr. Sherif Boktor, NDP's candidate (professional)

Moharram Bik Constituency:

Gharb Al Delta buses, with license plates 2870, 2894, 2869, 4867, 2287 and 3634, and buses for Alexandria University, with license plate 1376, were used to gather voters to vote for the NDP's candidate, Mr. Mofeed Shehab.

A vehicle belonging to the Water Company, with license plate 1965, was seen transporting voters to polling stations to vote for Ms. Nadia Abdou (NDP, quota seat, professional), the CEO of the Water Company.


Bab Sharq constituency:

One of the heads of a sub-committee in Al- Orwa Al-Wothqa School for Boys, asked a voter about the candidates he is going to vote for due to the fact that the names of some candidates were not enlisted in the final list.

Minia Governorate:

Bandar Al-Minia constituency

Security forces imposed barriers around the following schools: Ittihad Preparatory School, Kafr Al Mansoura and Taha Hussein; voters were prevented from accessing ballot boxes.

Qina governorate:

Bandar and Markaz Qina constituency:

Electoral cards were forged for the benefit of the NDP in Abdul Moneim Ryiadh School. The polling station was closed, and candidates' representatives were expelled. In addition, supporters of Mr. Mubarak Abul Hagag (NDP, professional) threw Molotov cocktail inside the polling station of the religious institute due to the fact that he does not have a lot of supporters inside this polling station.

Bini Suef Governorate:

In Wusta constituency, the house of the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, Mr. Khairy Farag, was set on fire by the supporters of the NDP's candidate, Mr. Ahmed Al-Ridy.


Fishn constituency:

In Shukr village, a fight with guns erupted between supporters of Mr. Ali Abdul Fadeel (NDP, professional) and supporters of Mr. Abdullah Ragab (Muslim Brotherhood, professional). All polling stations in this constituency were closed before the due time.

A fight erupted in Hataba village between both candidates of the NDP: Mr. Abdullah Mabrouk and Mr. Waddah Abu Jabal (professional). In this fight the village's mayor, Mr. Monged Mabrouk, who is the brother of Mr. Abdullah Mabrouk was injured. In addition, 12 citizens of Maymouna village were injured.

Fayoum Governorate, Sannoures constituency:

In Bini Atman New School, the head of polling station number 29 had forged electoral cards for the benefits of the NDP candidates, Messrs Refaat Saied Dawy and Abdul Alim Zakareya. A similar incident took place in polling station number 35 in Bini Atman Old School, in which electoral cards were forged for the benefit of Mr. Zakareya.

Candidates of the NDP and the Muslim Brotherhood had distributed Viagra packs as electoral bribes among male candidates.

Markaz Al Fayoum constituency:

In Lahoun village, Mr. Mohamed Moustafa Khouly (NDP) used thugs with criminal records to expel candidates' representatives with the assistance of some police officers. These thugs include: Ragab Ahlam, Magdy Ahmed Taha, Nasser Mossad Negm and Mohamed Ibrahim Darwish. Furthermore, Mr. Khouly attacked a handicapped representative of the candidate Mohamed Rabee (Muslim Bortherhood) and expelled him out of the polling station.


In polling station number 171, electoral cards were forged by the polling station members for the sake of the candidate Mr. Diaa Al-Omda (Independent- Laborer). Later on, Mr. Omda had a deal with the NDP candidate, Mr. Faisal Abdul Rahman, regarding forging electoral cards for both candidates.

In Atfoun village, an extensive security cordon was imposed, especially in areas of influence of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Hela village, the security forces surrounded polling stations to prevent candidates from accessing ballot boxes.

In Kamal Turk and Mataana polling stations, forging electoral cards for the benefit of the NDP candidates was reported.


In Birkit Al-Sabaa constituency, the Secretary General of the NDP in the Western Izba of Shebeen Al-Koum, Mr. Sonhy Al-Shahed, fired gunshots to terrorize voters. In the polling station, located inside the School of Commerce, voters voted more than once for the NDP without using the phosphorus ink, and candidates' representatives were expelled from the following polling stations: 215, 216, 217 and 218 in Miniet Dowaib.

In Ashmoun constituency, supporters of the NDP candidate for the laborers seat attacked the lawyer Dr. Nasr Ezzat and used violence against him; Dr. Ezzat filed a police record with this incident. Supporters of the NDP also assaulted one of the Brotherhood's supporters, Mr. Abdullah Sayed Nakhla.


The Central Operations Room, 28th of November

4:00 p.m.


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