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Jul 17, 2017
US-backed forces say advancing against Daesh in Syria's Raqqa
EU sanctions 16 more Syrians over chemical attacks
Daesh leader Baghdadi almost certainly alive: Kurdish security official
Jul 12, 2017
Observatory ‘confirms’ Baghdadi’s death
With global militant network, Daesh is likely here to stay
Jul 10, 2017
Quiet as southern Syria cease-fire begins ahead of talks
Syria sides meet again in Geneva, with expectations low
A fraction of Mosul, Raqqa no less challenging
Jul 7, 2017
UN-OPCW probe of Syria sarin gas attack comes under heavy pressure
Russia has asked US about Syria no-fly zone proposal: Lavrov
Fear and loathing in Aleppo city
Syria says it extended cease-fire in south through end of Saturday
In Raqqa, corpses left to rot in the streets
Jul 5, 2017
Daesh defenses breached in heart of Raqqa
Russia may deploy military in Syrian buffer zones within weeks
Jul 4, 2017
Syrian military halts operations in south ahead of talks
US-backed forces breach wall in Syria Daesh stronghold Raqqa
Can Daesh be ousted from Syria without Assad’s help?
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