MON 22 - 7 - 2019
Date: Apr 5, 2019
Source: The Daily Star

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Lebanon: Candidate list for Tripoli by-election finalized
BEIRUT: The list of candidates for the upcoming Tripoli by-election has been finalized with eight people in the running, after the deadline to withdraw from the race passed Wednesday night.

The by-election, slated for April 14, was called after the Constitutional Council unseated former MP Dima Jamali in February, the result of an appeal by unsuccessful candidate Taha Naji, who ran on MP Faisal Karami’s National Dignity list in the May 2018 national elections.

The court called a new election after finding that Naji had won by a single vote.

By the closing of the candidate filing period on April 30, eight people were successfully registered for the election: Jamali, Nizar Zakka, who is currently imprisoned in Iran, former MP Misbah Ahdab, Yahya Mawloud, Talal Kabbara, Omar al-Sayyed, Hamed Amcha and Mahmoud al-Samadi.

Samer Kabbara, the nephew of MP Mohammad Kabbara, was the only candidate to withdraw.

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