MON 24 - 7 - 2017
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Jul 24, 2017
Militants control Idlib after rebel pullout: Observatory
U.S.-led coalition not finished in Syria after Raqqa
Hundreds of Daesh corpses await recovery from Libya
Libya's rival leaders due in Paris for talks: report
Israel unyielding on Al-Aqsa Mosque metal detectors
Al-Azhar sets up religious booths in Cairo metro
Bridge sole link for Mosul residents rebuilding lives
Jul 17, 2017
US-backed forces say advancing against Daesh in Syria's Raqqa
EU sanctions 16 more Syrians over chemical attacks
Daesh leader Baghdadi almost certainly alive: Kurdish security official
Jordanian soldier gets life for killing 3 US trainers
Return to Mosul a distant dream for many displaced
Moroccans eye Spanish enclave across tiny border
All protests banned in Lebanon after call by Syria activists
Jul 12, 2017
Observatory ‘confirms’ Baghdadi’s death
Mosul clashes after victory declared
With global militant network, Daesh is likely here to stay
Leaked Zefzafi video sparks Morocco anger
Yemen unlikely to get cholera vaccine as first planned
Jul 10, 2017
Quiet as southern Syria cease-fire begins ahead of talks
Syria sides meet again in Geneva, with expectations low
Iran congratulates Iraq on victory, as Iraqi troops push to clear last Mosul ground of Daesh militants
Iraqi city loss huge, but not deadly, blow to ‘caliphate’
Libya strongman in UAE for talks on military 'cooperation'
Qatar central bank governor says country has $340 bln in reserves, can weather Arab sanctions: CNBC
South Syria truce to allay Jordan, Israel fears
A fraction of Mosul, Raqqa no less challenging
Jordan, Kuwait carriers lift laptop ban on US flights
Lebanon: Cabinet to meet as row over refugees’ return heats up
Jul 7, 2017
UN-OPCW probe of Syria sarin gas attack comes under heavy pressure
Russia has asked US about Syria no-fly zone proposal: Lavrov
Fear and loathing in Aleppo city
Syria says it extended cease-fire in south through end of Saturday
Tensions rise between Mosul forces, civilians
In Raqqa, corpses left to rot in the streets
Iraqi Kurdish leader says no turning back on independence bid
Four Arab states leading Qatar boycott say initial demands void, vow more measures
Lebanon: Leaders agree to call vote for vacant Parliament seats
Jul 5, 2017
Daesh defenses breached in heart of Raqqa
Russia may deploy military in Syrian buffer zones within weeks
Iraqi commander says 300 IS fighters holed up in Mosul
Egypt extends state of emergency; bomb kills three
Police start to withdraw from restive Morocco cities
Jordanian soldier says he fired at U.S. troops in fear of attack
Civilians flee last Daesh pocket in Mosul
Palestinian president forces Gaza workers into retirement
Allies meet in Cairo as Qatar deadline nears
Arsal refugees seek U.N. help for return to northern Syria
Jul 4, 2017
Syrian military halts operations in south ahead of talks
US-backed forces breach wall in Syria Daesh stronghold Raqqa
With Mosul fight in final stage, militants strike back
Egypt arrests daughter, son-in-law of Islamist leader
Riyadh, allies to plan next Qatar move
Buried alive by her family, Iraqi woman fears for her life
Can Daesh be ousted from Syria without Assad’s help?
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