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Apr 19, 2018
Syria regime forces shell Damascus militant bastion
Iraq sentences 212 to death in Mosul area since recapturing it from Daesh
Trolleys bring Moroccan ‘mule women’ relief
Libya eyes fuel marking, boat seizures, to counter fuel smuggling
Libya strongman's chief of staff survives car bombing
Sudan protests to UN over Egypt voting in disputed area
UN security team came under fire in Syria's Douma: UN official
Syrian rescuers give OPCW team locations of suspected chemical attack graves
Over 300 given death penalty in Iraq for Daesh links
Doing the numbers: Lebanese Ministers break down expat vote
Lebanon: Supervisory committee condemns intervention
The undemocratic aspects of Lebanon elections
Record women Lebanese candidates, very little coverage time
Apr 18, 2018
US says chemical arms inspectors still have not entered site of Syrian attack
Riyadh says open to sending troops to Syria
Israel hints it could hit Iranian ‘air force’ in Syria
U.N. to launch Yemen peace road map within months
Destruction, traumatized residents in Syrian town of Douma
In Raqqa, corpses still lie beneath the rubble
Lebanon: Regional meddling threatens Lebanon elections: LADE
Apr 17, 2018
Trump still wants U.S. troops to leave Syria, but no timeline: White House
Syrian air defense 'confronting' missile fire: SANA
U.S.: Russia, Syria may have tampered with Douma proof
Years after hanging, Saddam mystery lives on
Alleged gas attack triggered Western action, but gains all Assad’s
Douma’s residents jostle for food handouts
Hariri will be firm favorite to form next govt: sources
Apr 16, 2018
France's Macron says persuaded Trump to maintain troops in Syria
Leaving Syria tougher than Trump thought
Trump defends use of 'mission accomplished' phrase for Syria strike
France warns of ‘new disaster’ looming in Syria’s Idlib
Assad’s war machine will go on despite strikes
Syria strikes are "important signal" to Iran and Hezbollah -Israeli minister
Egypt court upholds life sentence against Brotherhood leader
Iraq election campaigning begins amid controversy
Libya's Haftar treated in Paris after feeling ill on tour
Apr 12, 2018
Mideast braces for U.S.-Russia faceoff
Russian military police deploy in Syria's Douma: RIA agency
Trump signals strikes against Syria, lays into Assad backer Russia
Civilians from Ghouta weigh impact of U.S. strikes
Chemical weapons agency to meet to discuss alleged Syria attack
Saudi Arabia intercepts Yemeni rebel missiles, drones
Algerian military plane crashes after takeoff, killing 257 people
As divisions grow, role of Yemen's Hadi in doubt
Aoun welcomes EU election observer deployment
Apr 9, 2018
Trump warns Assad: 'Big price to pay' for fatal Syria attack
Syria says suspected US missiles fired at air base; Washington denies strike
Israel carried out strikes on Syria base: Russian military
After Syria attack, France calls for UN security council meet
Syria regime reaches deal for rebels to quit Douma: SANA
Four killed in suicide attack on Iraq party headquarters
Libyan authorities find remains of children abducted in 2015
Israeli jets target Gaza position after 'infiltration attempt'
Assad sole political representative of Syria: Aoun
International Criminal Court prosecutor calls for end to violence in Gaza
Apr 6, 2018
Evacuations of Syria’s Douma suspended
Syria troops prepare for anti-Daesh offensive near capital: Observatory
US policy toward fighting Daesh in Syria unchanged: general
Syrians in exile search for answers in leaked ‘wanted list’
Arabs ask UN chief to investigate Gaza killings
Resistance efforts still key in post-Daesh Mosul: report
Algerian election impasse over Bouteflika
Lebanon: Machnouk calls for bribes crackdown ahead of elections
Expat voting process stirs controversy among officials
Apr 3, 2018
Last rebels start leaving Eastern Ghouta
Rebels leave behind labyrinth of tunnels under Syria's Ghouta
Sarin attack survivors grieve one year on
Sisi wins in Egypt with 97 percent of votes
Baghdad court condemns six Turkish women to death for membership of Daesh
Iran, Russia, Turkey team up to hold sway in Syria
Libyan forces launch operation against Daesh
Coalition airstrike in Yemen kills 12 civilians, including seven kids
Saudi crown prince says Israelis have right to their own land
Where is Gadhafi’s son Seif al-Islam?
Morocco threatens U.N. buffer zones in Western Sahara
Hariri urges Beirutis to vote to protect community
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