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Jun 19, 2017
Iran says missiles into Syria hit ISIS targets
Syrian, Iraqi troops meet at border
Iraqi forces storm Mosul’s Old City
Blast kills policeman in village of Bahraini Shi'ite cleric: ministry
Air raid on Yemen market kills 24: medical official
Lebanon: Aoun to lay out road map for pre-election period
Ghassan Salameh set to be named next U.N. envoy to Libya
Jun 16, 2017
Russia's military says may have killed ISIS leader Baghdadi
Anti-ISIS fighters advance at night in Syria's Raqqa
Iraqi forces set to encircle Daesh in Mosul’s Old City
Yemen cholera death toll nears 1,000 people
Protests swell in northern Morocco
Bahraini court jails 26 Shiites over attacks on police
Putin says Russia to beef up Syrian military
Senior Egypt panel defies Parliament on islands transfer
Lebanese Parliament set to ratify vote law with big majority
Jun 15, 2017
Militants desperate as airstrikes batter Raqqa
U.S. frozen out of east Syria as Iran takes initiative
Revenge for women of Sinjar: Syrian Kurds free Daesh slaves
Iraqi forces repel Daesh counterattack in west Mosul
US moves long-range rocket launchers to Tanf base in southern Syria: regional intelligence sources
ICC calls for 'immediate arrest' of Gadhafi son
UN won't play any role in Iraqi Kurds' independence vote
Friction likely as Egypt MPs ratify islands deal
No plans for Qatar-linked U.N. sanctions
Lebanon: Election law saga enters final chapter
Beirut residents react to new vote legislation
Analysts skeptical new Lebanon vote law will lead to change
Jun 12, 2017
U.S.-backed fighters seize parts of Raqqa
Thousands of Moroccans rally in support of northern protests
Chaos mars Egypt meet over islands
Naval coalition steps up patrols around Yemen after attacks
Daesh propaganda hit hard by killings, battlefield setbacks
Kuwait says Qatar 'ready to understand' Gulf concerns
Lebanon enters make or break week for electoral law
Jun 8, 2017
Syria peace talks in Astana postponed: Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry
U.S.-backed forces seize Raqqa ruins
Qatar crisis puts spotlight on U.S. military base
How Saudi Arabia moved against Qatar
Pro-Assad alliance threatens to hit US positions in Syria
Iraqi Kurds to hold referendum on independence Sept. 25
1948 Palestinians strike over man’s killing during clashes
Yemen rebels to boycott Cheikh Ahmed
Lebanon: Parties race against time to finalize vote law before deadline
No one can control Lebanon: Saudi FM
Jun 5, 2017
Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE sever ties to Qatar over 'terrorism'
Syrian army advances against ISIS in Aleppo province
Hezbollah fighters killed in Deraa fighting
Moroccan police stifle women’s protest in northern city
Bahrain shuts down independent newspaper
Heavy rocket and artillery fire shake Syria's Daraa
Tunisia PM warns no one safe in anti-graft 'war'
US-backed forces seize dam west of Raqqa from ISIS
Iraq's paramilitary says captured Baaj, ISIS-held area near Syria border
Libya strongman's forces say take southern desert base
After Daesh, Fallujah struggles to rebuild
Lebanon: Officials optimistic as vote law heads to Cabinet
Lebanon activists describe vote law agreement as 'distortion of proportionality'
Jun 2, 2017
Russia says systematically bombing militants fleeing Syria's Raqqa
Bomb, shelling kill 19 in southern Syria: Observatory
Syria’s rebels down but not out
Sixth straight night of protests in northern Morocco
Egypt defends NGO law seen as ‘draconian’ by U.S. senators
Saudi blast car was carrying munitions: ministry
Trump will not move US embassy to Jerusalem for now
Fleeing Raqqa, 10,000 refugees mass at camp north of Syrian city
Oil tanker fired on off Yemen: Saudi-led coalition
Aoun touts Lebanon as center of dialogue
White smoke after Baabda Palace iftar
Jun 1, 2017
Russian jets halt rebel advance on Syria base
US-led strike kills founder of ISIS propaganda agency: activists
Bahraini court dissolves main secular opposition group
Thousands rally in Morocco for release of protest leader
U.S. starts providing weapons to Syrian Kurds
UAE-backed forces gain control over Aden airport
Is Egypt bombing the right militants in Libya?
ISIS fighters seal off Mosul mosque preparing for last stand
Lebanon: All eyes on Baabda iftar for vote law breakthrough
Lebanon: In the eye of the storm, will Hezbollah emerge intact?
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