WED 29 - 1 - 2020
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Jan 25, 2020
Some 38,000 flee homes in Aleppo: U.N.
Iraqis demand ouster of U.S. troops, rival rallies turn deadly
Tunisia's designated PM makes employment, services the priority
Libyan central bank chief says oil blockade must be lifted
Yemen’s front line port struggles to fight deadly fever
Sudan signs initial political and security deal with rebel group
World Bank offers to help Lebanon overcome crisis
Day 100 marked by attacks from Amal supporters
Four members of French Christian NGO missing in Baghdad: charity
U.S. says no uptick in violence from Daesh in Syria
Jan 21, 2020
Tunisia's designated PM vows to tackle economic, social ills
Three dead, dozens wounded in Iraq protests
Libyan oil fields remain shut, testing peace summit
Death toll from major Yemeni rebel attack climbs to 111
Russian raids kill 7 civilians in Aleppo
Lebanon: Rift over Cabinet size holding up formation
Top 10 ways to safeguard youth and our future
Lebanon: Campaign highlighting police violence goes viral
Amnesty says new Qatar law 'curbs freedom of expression'
Jan 17, 2020
Some 350,0000 Syrians fled Russia-led Idlib assault: U.N.
Yemen separatists, state troops pull back from key city
Merkel welcomes Haftar commitment to cease-fire
Lebanon: Last-minute snags delay government formation
Journalists protest police brutality
Sudan appoints new spy chief after crushing mutiny
UN body welcomes 'milestone' in Qatar labor reforms
Jan 14, 2020
Libya’s rival leaders fail to reach accord
Russia says civilians can flee Syria's Idlib via three new checkpoints
Jordan’s King Abdullah warns that Daesh on rise again in Mideast
Lebanon: Amal, FPM deal major blow to Diab efforts
UAE to start first nuclear reactor in 'months': officials
After Sultan Qaboos, Oman to retain its treasured neutrality
Jan 7, 2020
Iran considers retaliation options as it buries Soleimani
Libyan commander Haftar's forces say they have taken Sirte
Turkey says it will send military experts, advisers to Libya
Regime airstrikes kill five in northwest Syria: monitor
Iraqi parliament passes resolution to end foreign troop presence
Lebanon: Diab struggles to overcome obstacles
Nasrallah: American troops will return home ‘in coffins’
Jan 3, 2020
Iran vows revenge after U.S. kills top Iranian commander Soleimani
Turkish lawmakers authorize sending troops to fight in Libya
Algeria frees prominent war veteran
Tunisian president says Parliament to vote on govt
Egypt mob sexual attack on New Year’s Eve sparks controversy
Algeria appoints new government amid worst political crisis in decades
Aoun hopes new gov't will be formed next week
Lebanon: Protesters call for end to sectarian politics
Diab seeks to form new government this week
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