FRI 20 - 10 - 2017
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Oct 20, 2017
US-backed Syria force hails 'historic victory' in Raqqa
More conflicts loom after Daesh defeat in Raqqa
Iraqi Kurds say open to talks after Baghdad military operation
Iraq top Shiite scholar Sistani asks government to protect Kurds
Sahel ambush underscores security decline
Fresh tensions surface in Yemen’s rebel camp
Lebanon: Parliament passes first state budget since 2005
Oct 18, 2017
Iraqi gov't assumes control after Kurds leave disputed areas
Raqqa battle over but crisis escalating, aid group warns
Daesh defeated in militants’ Syrian capital Raqqa
U.S. will help restore water, power to Raqqa after fall of Islamic State
Fighting in Libyan capital closes airport
Tunisia resists calls to cut public wage bill and subsidies in 2018
Kurds face tricky peace in Raqqa
Divided Iraq tests U.S. influence as Daesh fight wanes
Germany nixes web monitoring workshop for Egyptian officials
Lebanon: Calm Parliament session heralds easy budget approval
Oct 14, 2017
Daesh in Raqqa left with small arms: US coalition
Kurds boost Kirkuk presence, pull back defense lines
Turkish forces establish positions in Idlib
Iraq forces retake positions from Kurds in disputed Kirkuk
Fears rise of new migrant surge from Libya as 600 rescued
UN condemns anti-gay crackdowns in Egypt, Azerbaijan, Indonesia
Lebanon: Allocation for elections not final: Machnouk
Oct 13, 2017
Rebel groups agree Damascus truce
Daesh attacks kill at least 18 in eastern Syria: monitor
U.S. drone kills British militant ‘White Widow’
Families fleeing Raqqa say airstrikes bring heavy toll
Yemen hits high in new global hunger index
Fatah, Hamas sign reconciliation accord
UN rights chief decries 'endemic' abuses after visit to Libya
Egyptian Coptic priest killed in Cairo attack
Egypt extends its state of emergency for another 3 months
Turkish troops move into Al-Qaeda-dominated Syrian province
Kurds accuse Baghdad of readying push for oil fields
Lebanese Cabinet OKs $46 million for parliamentary elections
Oct 10, 2017
Russia accuses US of pretending to fight Daesh in Syria, Iraq
Allawi warns of ‘civil war’ over Kurdish-held Kirkuk
Nusra Front, Daesh clash in Syria's Hama province
Fatah, Hamas to discuss Gaza security in unity deal
UN assisting thousands of migrants stranded in Libyan smuggling hub
Iraqi VP warns of 'civil war' over Kurdish-held Kirkuk
Lebanon: Electoral supervisory body sworn in before president
Lebanon: Parliament passes tax hikes, attention shifts to budget
Oct 3, 2017
US-backed force scours former Daesh fort in Raqqa
Deadly twin suicide attack hits Damascus
Zarif in Oman for talks, ahead of scheduled Qatar trip
Iraq allows foreigners to leave Kurdistan via Baghdad
Over 2M new refugees this year
UN 'carefully optimistic' on Palestinian reconciliation
Egypt puts 17 men on trial for homosexuality
Egypt imam accused of marrying off underage girls
Libyan rivals aim for new power-sharing deal
African migrants to Yemen tortured for ransom: UN
Iraq forces launch assault to retake Daesh-held areas near Hawija
Syria drone strike kills eight Hezbollah men
Lebanon: Parliament set to tackle draft tax law
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