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Jan 18, 2019
Turkey says Syria regime forces shouldn't be allowed in Manbij
New envoy stresses need for U.N.-backed Syria solution
Algeria calls presidential election for April 18
Sudan police shoot live fire outside home of dead protester: witness
For Sudan women, protests a fight for rights
Nationwide strike paralyzes Tunisia
Riyadh pumps money into Shiite town
U.N. chief truce monitor in Yemen safe after shooting
After Americans killed, Trump's Syria plan prompts questions
Aoun disappointed as heads of state bail on summit
Lebanon: Ibrahim washes hands of Cabinet issue
Jan 17, 2019
U.S. military says soldiers killed in Syria blast
US-backed SDF says it will help set up north Syria safe zone
UN warns against new clashes in Libya capital
US vice president reiterates plan to withdraw troops from Syria
U.N. votes to monitor Yemen port cease-fire
Yemeni teachers paid, learning returns to Taiz
Bassil holds off on sending pro-Syrian letter
Rai warns against changing equal power-sharing system
Police tear gas protesters in Kassala: witnesses
Jan 16, 2019
Iran says will keep military forces in Syria
Erdogan vows Syria safe zone as new U.N. envoy arrives
Syria Kurds reject 'security zone' under Turkish control
Three U.N. envoys who tried and failed in quest for Syria peace
Winter weather has killed 15 displaced children in Syria: U.N.
Al-Qaeda’s shadow hangs over Idlib: analysts
South Sudan pursues fragile peace, but people remain wary
East Libyan forces to ‘secure oil sites’
UN says reached 9.5M with food in Yemen last month, shy of target
Fearing for Saudi teen's safety, Canada refugee agency hires guard
Rai says Lebanon needs 'national wake up call'
Jan 14, 2019
Years on, Tunisians say revolt gave freedom, but not dignity
Syria seeks ‘intensified’ talks with Kurds
No one is clear on what happens after Bashir
Protesters in Sudan's capital head for rally point station
Saudi teen who fled her family arrives in Canada
Lebanon: Hundreds across country protest against graft, pollution, costs
Yemen, Iran, Khashoggi murder top Pompeo's talks in Saudi
Lebanon: Debt restructuring not on the table
Jan 11, 2019
Pompeo takes US anti-Iran message to Gulf Arab states
US-led coalition says Syria withdrawal has begun
Russia says U.S. wants to stay in Syria despite announced exit - RIA
Syrian extremists cement grip, forcing deal on Idlib rebels
Sudan activists say three protesters killed in clashes
US won't accept Hezbollah as 'major presence' in Lebanon: Pompeo
Drone bombs Yemen military parade
Iraq deploys special forces to Kirkuk in flag dispute
Turkey says will launch Syria offensive if US delays pullout
Time to go home: Iraq closes camps for displaced
Lebanon on high alert over Israeli breaches
Lebanon: Officials lose sight of govt crisis as Syria question flares
Jan 9, 2019
Syrian government has ‘activated’ contacts with Kurdish groups ‘in light of Turkish intervention’
Erdogan slams U.S. request to guarantee Syrian Kurds’ safety
Counterattack by Daesh in east Syria leaves 32 dead
Sudan security forces disperse hundreds in Al-Qadarif
UN chief wants to deploy up to 75 truce monitors to Yemen
Saudi security operation kills two in Shiite town: TV
Future MPs to consider reactivating Cabinet
Yemeni groups call on WFP to reveal aid 'corruption'
#SaveRahaf campaign made teen’s flight a global cause
Jan 7, 2019
Two Americans among foreign militants captured by Syrian Kurds
Key plotter in USS Cole attack has been killed: Trump
Turkish-backed Syrian rebel army deploys to halt militant advances
Bolton warns Syria against use of chemical weapons
US Syria withdrawal must be done with allies' defense 'assured': Bolton
Syrian Kurds and government discuss post-US withdrawal
Police use tear gas to break up Sudan protests
Next round of Yemen talks could be in Amman: rebels
Pro-Syria 'mouthpieces' behind govt obstruction: Joumblatt
Jan 3, 2019
Trump gives no timetable for Syria pullout
Kurdish, Turkey-backed fighters withdraw from Manbij front lines
Pompeo, Netanyahu vow to continue cooperation over Syria and Iran
Suspects in Khashoggi's killing brought before Saudi court
Sudan’s largest opposition bloc calls for Bashir to go
Yemen govt reports Hodeida rebel 'attacks' to UN
In Kurdish Iraq, women strive to end genital mutilation
Lebanon: Fresh ideas rekindle hope for Cabinet
Lebanon braces for strike to protest economy, conditions
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