TUE 28 - 3 - 2017
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Mar 27, 2017
US-backed forces capture ISIS-held airport near Euphrates dam
Iraqi military says 61 bodies found in Mosul district, combat around key mosque
Bahrain alleges Iran-backed group planned assassinations
Egyptian court jails 56 over migrant boat shipwreck: judicial sources
Lebanon speaker says elections 'technical' delay to last six months
South Sudan rebels blame government for aid worker ambush
More Syrian rebels, families leave city of Homs under deal
Yemenis protest 2nd anniversary of Saudi intervention
Mar 22, 2017
33 dead in US-led north Syria airstrike
Syrian army sends reinforcements as rebels press Hama attack
Coalition gathers to hear Trump ISIS plan
HRW calls on Iraqis to avoid ad hoc mass grave exhumations
Iran steps up support for Houthis: sources
East Libyan forces to investigate Benghazi abuses
South Sudan says will boost security in oilfields after kidnappings
Lebanon ranked 76 out of 188 in Human Development
Mar 20, 2017
'Intense' strikes pound east Damascus after rebel assault
Clashes in Damascus after surprise assault
Iraqi forces close on Mosul mosque, strike kills militants
Israel threatens to destroy Syrian air defense systems
Algeria's ailing Bouteflika makes first appearance in month
Saudi-led coalition calls for UN to supervise Yemen port
Italy summit seeks to make progress on Libya migrant accord
Lebanon: Hariri vows to end corruption, squandering of public funds
Mar 16, 2017
War crimes case building against Assad
Iraqis seize main bridge, advance on mosque in battle for Mosul
Bahrain MPs invite U.N. rights chief to visit
Libya ex-PM wounded in Tripoli clashes
US plans for Syria include another 1,000 troops: US official
UN envoy urges speedier Syria talks to avoid seventh year of war
Libya's eastern parliament cancels deal to reunify National Oil Corp after port battles
Lebanon: Parliament discussions on salary scale resume
Lebanon: Opposition mounts to Bassil’s vote law proposal
Mar 13, 2017
Syrian army advances in district east of Damascus: activists
Russia, Turkey, Iran to press ahead with Syria talks in Astana: Kazakhstan
Iraqi forces take third of west Mosul
UNICEF says 2016 was worst year yet for Syria's children
Lebanon: Crucial week ahead for budget, salary hike bill
Fifteen killed in fighting near Yemen Red Sea port
Mar 8, 2017
Opposition optimism over Syria talks misplaced
Over 2,000 Iran fighters killed in Iraq, Syria
Iraq to continue striking ISIS targets in Syria, Abadi says
Iraqis storm Mosul govt complex, hoist flag
Libya’s eastern Parliament quits deal with Tripoli
Egyptians protest over new bread subsidies system
Bahrain postpones trial of high-profile activist
Lebanon: Future, Change and Reform blocs renew calls for new vote law
Mar 7, 2017
U.S. enters Manbij to keep feuding parties apart
2,100 Iran fighters killed in Iraq, Syria: official
Iraq forces retake government HQ in Mosul
Escalation in ship attacks pushes Yemen to starvation
Daesh imposes ‘Afghan dress’ in Raqqa: activists
Bahrain files lawsuit to dissolve secular political party
Libya militias who seized oil terminals aim to take Benghazi
UN team urges probe of South Sudan abuses
Mar 1, 2017
Russia slams U.N. move on Syria after vetoing sanctions
Iraqi army controls main roads out of Mosul, trapping ISIS
Bahraini reporter not guilty of working illegally: lawyer
Syrian pro-government forces near ISIS-held Palmyra: activists
U.N. documents nearly 1,500 child soldiers in Yemen
Municipal elections in West Bank only
U.N. ramps up fishing gear deliveries to South Sudan
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