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Morocco’s Islamists win key posts in polls
Saudi women candidates begin first election campaigns
Egypt wraps up election for pro-Sisi parliament
Algerians elect local leaders as oil-reliant economy falters
Syrian Kurds defy Damascus, hold elections
Lebanon: Parliamentary polls, first in nine years, set for May 6
الحكومة العراقية تبدأ التحضير للانتخابات المحلية والتشريعية
Lebanon Election time: When the dead walk again
Lebanon: Bassil submits draft law to extend expat voter registration
دعوات لـ«تنظيف» سجل الناخبين قبل انتخابات كردستان
Lebanese Cabinet sets $33M for polls
العبادي يعلن خوض الانتخابات البرلمانية المقبلة في العراق
جدل بين شباب مصر المعارض حول المشاركة في انتخابات الرئاسة
حراك حزبي متأخر في سباق الانتخابات الرئاسية المصرية
«تحالف القوى»: ملف النازحين لن يمنع إجراء الانتخابات العراقية في موعدها
143 حزباً تشارك في الانتخابات العراقية
مصر: نص دستوري يحصّن الانتخابات من «الباحثين عن الشهرة»
Lebanon: Electoral committee talks election preparations with EU's Lassen
Interior Ministry ready for parliamentary elections
Lebanon: Rooted parties face tough election challenge
UN rights chief denounces repressive climate in Egypt ahead of poll
Lebanon: Record 111 female Parliament candidates
Lebanon: Fresh faces galore as Hariri announces MP candidates
Egypt escalates crackdown on media ahead of election
Lebanon: LF announce 19 candidates, 20 allies on their lists
Presidential vote opens for Egyptians abroad
Hariri to defend moderation as electoral race heats up
Egypt: Sisi’s only rival lays low before election
Egypt’s Arab Spring activists say voting useless
Egypt's alternative to el-Sissi says campaign 'very serious'
Lebanon: Vote alliances take shape as cutoff looms
Turnout only real question in Egypt vote
Lebanon: Vote lists form in droves on eve of deadline
Authorities hope for decent turnout in Egypt vote
Lebanon: Vote lists close with 597 in race
Sisi heads for landslide win with low turnout
International actors spend millions on Lebanon polls
Sisi wins in Egypt with 97 percent of votes
Hariri urges Beirutis to vote to protect community
Algerian election impasse over Bouteflika
Lebanon: Machnouk calls for bribes crackdown ahead of elections
Expat voting process stirs controversy among officials
Aoun welcomes EU election observer deployment
Iraq election campaigning begins amid controversy
Lebanon: Regional meddling threatens Lebanon elections: LADE
Doing the numbers: Lebanese Ministers break down expat vote
Lebanon: Supervisory committee condemns intervention
The undemocratic aspects of Lebanon elections
Record women Lebanese candidates, very little coverage time
Lebanon: Electoral Supervisory Committee member resigns
Lebanon: The undemocratic aspects of elections
Hezbollah supporters in U.S. afraid to vote
Lebanon: Preferential vote shakes up electoral landscape
New electronic system to speed up Iraqi election results
Lebanon: Electoral supervisory committee dismisses concerns
Daesh threatens Iraq polling stations ahead of vote
Aoun to address Lebanese ahead of elections and ambassador ‘concerned’ at rising vote violence
What to watch for in every electoral region in Lebanon
In Anbar, ballot box offers Iraqis a chance to settle scores
Lebanon: Expats voting begins in Arab countries
Lebanese diaspora vote marks historic first
Polls close in six Arab countries in first-time Lebanese expat vote
Lebanon: Thousands of diaspora expats cast votes in historic milestone
Tunisian women hit campaign trail in newly found equality
EU election observers on site for historic Lebanon expat vote
Lebanon: Officials applaud historic expat vote
In first for Tunisia, police and soldiers head to polls
Palestinians vote on aging leadership as Abbas tightens grip
Egypt, France see need for Libyan vote by year-end
Final polling station closes in first-ever Lebanon expat vote
Lebanon: Pollsters predict Parliament shake-up
Lebanon: Campaigns make final appeals before media blackout
FACTBOX: Lebanon's main political players
Polling staff turn out before Sunday’s vote
Tough road for Iraq’s female election candidates
Tunisia’s youth disillusioned ahead of polls
UN calls on Iraq to probe election complaints
Iran’s Soleimani holds talks about future Iraqi Cabinet
Lebanon enters new political phase
Interior Ministry: 'No lost votes' in expat round
Lebanon: Women’s activists renew call for Parliament representation
Confusion in Iraq as vote fraud claims mount
Unsuccessful candidates appeal Lebanon elections results
Abadi warns of "dangerous violations" in Iraq election
Iraq parliament orders full election recount
Lebanon: Constitutional Council to study parliamentary appeals
Iraq election commission to appeal parliament recount decision
Iraqi ballot box storage site catches fire in Baghdad
Iraq's parliament speaker calls for election rerun
Iraq names judges who will take over elections commission
Sadr, Amiri announce Iraqi political alliance
PM Abadi says opposed to repeat of Iraq election
Iraq's al-Sadr joins forces with Iran-backed coalition
Top Iraq court orders manual recount of election votes
Iraq plans manual election recount only for suspect ballots
Four members of Iraqi election employee’s family killed
Iraq Parliament’s term to expire Saturday with no extension
Bombing in Iraq’s Kirkuk near ballot box site wounds 20
Iraq to begin manual recount of May election votes on Tuesday
Iraq says vote recount done but cut short
UN hails 'credible' Iraq vote recount
Sadr retains Iraqi election victory after recount
Iraq's recount of ballots from May vote doesn't alter result
Iraqi Supreme Court ratifies May election results
Iraq's new parliament meets as rival blocs vie for majority
Syrians in government areas vote in first local polls since 2011
Lebanon: Transparency group calls for electoral reforms
Iraq Kurdish party refuses to recognize election results
U.N. envoy says hard to hold Libya elections in December
Despite independence gaffe, Barzani’s party tops Iraq Kurd vote
Articles (5)
Personal Notes of an International Observer on the Tunisian Legislative Elections 2014
Sisi benefits from suspended elections
Abadi struggles to maintain campaign narrative as May polls approach
How to prevent a winner-take-all kind of democracy
Pro-Europe leaders must step up ahead of high-stakes election
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Electoral Results Management Systems: Catalogue of Options
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