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Yemen war: Five years on, rebels stronger than ever
Agence France Presse
DUBAI: Five years after Saudi Arabia intervened in Yemen's civil war, leading a military coalition to prop up the government which had been driven out of its capital, the Huthi rebels are only stronger, more
Tripoli officials say clashes escalating over Libyan capital
Associated Press
CAIRO: Clashes between rival Libyan forces for control of Tripoli escalated on Wednesday as militias allied with the U.N.-supported government based in the country's capital launched an offensive on a military b
Syrian regime jails at risk of virus 'catastrophe': rights groups
Agence France Presse
BEIRUT: Human rights groups warned Tuesday of a "catastrophe" if the novel coronavirus hits the Syrian regime's overcrowded and squalid prisons, where inmates are routinely denied medical care.
Aid group says Mideast lockdowns hinder humanitarian efforts
Associated Press
CAIRO: An international aid group said Wednesday that closures aimed at containing the coronavirus pandemic are preventing it from reaching 300,000 people in conflict zones across the Middle East, after authorities
Lebanon: Defense council recommends lockdown extension
BEIRUT: Lebanon's Higher Defense Council Thursday recommended to the government a two-week extension to a nationwide lockdown over coronavirus, official sources said.

Shortly after the council's session, chaired by President Mi
Iraqi military says 2 rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone
Associated Press
BAGHDAD: Iraq's military said Thursday at least two rockets hit inside Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, the seat of Iraq's government and home to the U.S. Embassy, according to an Iraqi military s
IMF urges action to face 'big drop' in Mideast growth
Agence France Presse
DUBAI: The International Monetary Fund called Tuesday for urgent action from Middle East governments as the coronavirus pandemic threatens a persistent slump in oil revenues and a "big drop" in growth.
New coronavirus threatens both rich, poor across Mideast
Associated Press
DUBAI: The new coronavirus continued its spread across some of the most-vulnerable nations of the Mideast on Tuesday as the International Monetary Fund warned that a lack of medical supplies in Iraq, Sudan and Yemen
Hand-washing: a luxury millions of Yemenis can't afford
Agence France Presse
AL HAJJAH: Yemen: Hand-washing to combat the spread of coronavirus is the order of the day, but it's an unaffordable luxury or millions in war-ravaged Yemen where clean water is dangerously scarce.
Yemen's warring parties back U.N. call for truce
ADEN, Yemen: Yemen's warring parties welcomed Thursday a United Nations call for an immediate truce as the country entered its sixth year of a conflict that has unleashed a humanitarian crisis, rendering it more vulnerab

The Arab world’s perfect COVID-19 storm
Nasser Saidi
Middle Eastern and Gulf Cooperation Council economies are heading toward a recession in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, collapsing oil prices, and the unfolding global financial crisis.

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