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Presidential campaigns start in Tunisia after Essebsi death
Caroline Nelly Perrot| Agence France Presse
TUNIS: Campaigning for Tunisia’s presidential elections opened Monday with 26 candidates vying to replace late leader Beji Caid Essebsi in a vote seen as vital to defending democrati
Russia says U.S. strikes Syria's Idlib, puts ceasefire at risk: reports
MOSCOW: The Russian military said the United States carried out air strikes in Syria's Idlib de-escalation zone in breach of previous agreements, inflicting numerous casualties and endangering a ceasefire, Russian news a
Iraq suspends U.S.-funded broadcaster over report on corruption in religious bodies
BAGHDAD: Iraq has suspended the license of a U.S.-government-funded broadcaster after it ran an investigation alleging corruption within the country’s religious institutions. The country’s media regulator Monday
Coalition ‘unaware’ of prisoners at Yemen site
Agence France Presse
RIYADH: The Arab coalition fighting Yemen’s Houthi rebels said Monday it was unaware that prisoners were held at a detention site it targeted with airstrikes that killed dozens of people. The United Nation
Benghazi port bustling again despite Libya’s divisions
Ayman Al-Warfalli| Reuters
BENGHAZI, Libya: The commercial port in Libya’s second city Benghazi is working round the clock three years after reopening, attempting to raise revenues for its restoration and expansion. The port w
US strikes militants in Syria, 40 reported killed
Agence France Presse
IDLIB, Syria: U.S. forces attacked militant leaders in Syria Saturday, the Pentagon said, in what a battlefield monitor called a missile strike that left at least 40 dead.

The U.S. Defense Departm
Lebanon declares ‘state of economic emergency’
Hussein Dakroub| The Daily Star
BEIRUT: Top political leaders Monday declared a “state of economic emergency” in a move reflecting the country’s dire economic and financial crisis and the need to take prompt measur
Three Syrians arrested after deportation: HRW
BEIRUT: At least three Syrians have been arrested upon returning to Syria after being deported by Lebanon’s General Security, Human Rights Watch announced Monday. “There is no evidence that any of the three could meaningfully challenge th
‘New phase’ on southern border: Nasrallah
Emily Lewis & Mohammed Zaatari| The Daily Star
BEIRUT/MAROUN AL-RAS: The attack on an Israeli military vehicle over the weekend is the start of a “new phase” on the Israel-Lebanon border, Hezbollah’s Secretary-
Yemeni separatists arrest dozens of government loyalists in Aden
ADEN: Southern Yemeni separatists said they arrested dozens of government loyalists in Aden Saturday after President Abed Rabbou Mansour Hadi's forces withdrew from the port city following airstrikes by the United Arab E
Sudan court charges Bashir with holding illegal foreign funds
Agence France Presse
KHARTOUM: A Sudanese court Saturday charged ousted president Omar al-Bashir, on trial for corruption, with illegal acquisition and use of foreign funds.

Judge Al-Sadiq Abdelrahman said at the thir
Netanyahu: Israel ready for any scenario after Hezbollah clash
By Ari Rabinovitch and Ellen Francis
JERUSALEM/BEIRUT, Sept 1 (Reuters) - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israel was prepared for any scenario after a cross-border clash with Lebanon's Hezbollah, but neithe
Algeria army chief demands presidential poll by year's end
Algiers (AFP) - Algeria's powerful army chief called Monday for a vote to elect a successor to ousted president Abdelaziz Bouteflika by the end of the year, with a date to be announced in mid-September.

Algeria's protests to de
Sudan's post-Bashir transition faces further delay
Abdelmoneim Abu Idris Ali and Menna Zaki
Khartoum (AFP) - Sudan's hard-won transition to civilian rule fell further behind schedule Sunday, days after the new prime minister delayed the formation of the first government since ve
UN criticises transfer of 1,600 displaced Iraqis
Baghdad (AFP) - The United Nations on Monday criticised Iraqi authorities for transferring around 1,600 people from camps to their areas of origin, saying the returns could put them in danger.

The returnees, who fled violence during an

Closing the refugee education gap
Filippo Grandi
Nowadays, making an investment - whether in shares, bonds, property, gold, lottery tickets, or the latest startup - is quick and easy. But when it comes to investments in people, the dividends are not always as
The lifesaving power of sex education
Jayathma Wickramanayake
When I was a bright-eyed eighth grader in my native Sri Lanka, I couldn’t wait for my first sex education class. In our early teens, my classmates and I were as curious as we were clueless about s
Two systems, one world
Joschka Fischer
With the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall approaching, the issue of freedom has returned to the fore in Moscow and Hong Kong, albeit under very different historical and political circumstances. W
Billingslea on U.S. designation of JTB
The Daily Star
An opinion editorial from Assistant Treasury Secretary for Terrorist Financing Marshall Billingslea, commenting on the recent U.S. Treasury designation of Jammal Trust Bank:

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